About Us

The mission of the North Dakota Healthcare Executives Chapter, in the territory designated by the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), is to be the professional membership society for healthcare executives; to meet its members’ professional, educational, and leadership needs; to promote high ethical standards and conduct; to advance healthcare leadership and management excellence; and to promote the mission of ACHE.Affiliation with ACHE So long as this Chapter remains a Chapter of the ACHE, the Chapter shall operate in accordance with the ACHE Criteria for Chapter Status. Chapter Bylaws shall be further enacted as necessary to satisfy any governmental regulations. Any disbursement of funds shall be for services rendered to or for the benefit of the Chapter in meeting its purpose. All such payments shall be made in accordance with the Bylaws.Organizational Identity The Chapter is a distinct, separate entity from ACHE. The Chapter is therefore responsible for maintaining the chapter’s financial records, filing appropriate notices and forms with state and federal authorities, and maintaining necessary insurance coverage for the Chapter except where specific arrangements have been made for ACHE to serve as the Chapter’s registered agent. ACHE shall not be liable for the debts and obligations of the Chapter. The Chapter shall not be liable for the debts and obligations of ACHE.